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Landmark Development Corporation Pvt. Ltd., a Real Estate Expert Advisory that is focused and has a strategic approach towards investments.It works on a smart formula involving four dimensions viz. “a promising destination, legitimate property, developed projects and assured appreciation".
Considering the rising demand for Plots of land, we started offering developed Plots with boundary fencing, power and water in places that promise good appreciation in land value and make good investment sense with safe, secure and promising investment.


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Our Mission

W e are committed to creating enjoyable real estate transactions through the efforts of the dedicated professionals supported by innovative programmes, tools and management We strive to provide best of services to our clients before and after the sale and work together to create a great environment where we can learn, grow and succeed together. We also hold ourselves responsible for delivering innovative and efficient business plans as every day brings a variety of new investments.

Our Vision

T o become a diversified real estate holding company, specialized in land plotting and related activities in locations which the company identifies as an advantage, in order to accomplish systematically increasing returns. Nunc nec vulputate massa eget elementum libero Etiam at dapibus lectus Suspendisse suscipit

Core Values

W orking hard with sustained effort and always looking forward to achieve the highest levels of leadership, integrity and excellence. Providing the best standards of service to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Constant improvement, innovation and growth with transparency in every project. Celebrating and respecting individuals success. Fulfilling our core values that distinguishes us from others.

What our Logo says!!

Design: Our new logo showcases fresh-new petals sprouting from a bud. It signifies ushering into a new era of progress and prosperity with accurate planning and adequate resources.
Color:" Yellow color states optimism with attention to every detail. Green depicts balance, greenery & love towards the nature. Blue color depicts trust which is the prime ideology of LANDMARK.
Tagline:“ We Create landmarks” is so because every project of ours is Unique and Stands out from the clutter. We have gained reputation over the year because of our Unparalleled location and Structure.

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